Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sailfish battle in the Mexican Caribbean with Phantom Divers, Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Photo courtesy of Simon Clopton


You have surely heard about the great spectacle we have year after year in the Mexican Caribbean. Well, it's nothing more and nothing less than the Sailfish battle.

You can perceive the survival instinct of the sardines who have the worst role in this battle, since they form a delicious meal for the Sailfish who won't stop focusing on them.

Everything starts with the spotting of the birds flying low on the surface of the sea. They signal us where the sardines - and with them - the Sailfish are. The show can start!

Sailfish can reach a speed of 30 meters per second or 110 km per hour (68 mph), which is the highest speed reliably reported in a fish.

Once the Sailfish detect the prey they start their chasing ritual. A group of Sailfish encircles the sardine bait ball and starts its dance around them before attacking the sardines with their swords and eating them.

Photo courtesy of Simon Clopton

The show gets also very colorful and shiny!
Sailfish can appear in a startling array of colors, from subdued browns and grays to vibrant purples, iridescent blue stripes and silver dots. They can change their colors almost instantly, among others in order to signal their intentions to fellow sailfish.

As you can see you shouldn't miss this unique show!
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in the Mexican Caribbean!

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Photo courtesy of Simon Clopton

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