Monday, July 9, 2012


When it comes to diving 
most divers like to talk about bigger marine animals 
they saw on their dives, such as sharks, barracudas, rays, morays or turtles just to mention a few. 
And there is no doubt that it is amazing to see those beautiful creatures. 

But as you will see it is definitely worth to have a closer look while diving 
to discover the tiny little animals living in the reefs or 
to search for the not so small but camouflaged animals in the ocean.

So next time you go diving watch out for those little beauties!

Little squat anemone shrimp

They can usually be found on corals and diverse anemones always in close proximity to its host.
Usually seen in pairs, but also in groups of six to eight.

Flamingo tongue snail
feeding by browsing on the living tissues of the soft corals on which it lives

Juvenile Trunkfish 
with the size of a pea buzzing around

they can usually be found on reefs, under stones in rocky areas of the sea

Peacock flounder hiding in the sand

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