Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rays in Playa del Carmen

Stingrays are part of the same family that sharks, they live in warm tropical waters, so it is very common to see them during your dives in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico.
There are many species of rays, which could measure up to 1.8 m in diameter and weigth 1,400 kilograms! The most common types of rays seen by divers at Phantom are: the eagle ray, the yellow stingray, and the southern stingray.
Some features are:
• They swim by moving their pectoral fins, so it seems that they are flying.
• Rays use their smell to find food because they have their eyes on the top of the head.
• Rays feed on molluscs, small crustaceans or plankton.
• Generally, rays have remoras attached to the bottom, looking for leftovers from their feeding.
• They have a particular method of defence, which consists of a poisonous sting ocated in the tail. This serves to attack their predators when the stingrays are buried in the sand.

Phantom Divers invites you to experience our Playa del Carmen dives, while looking for this amazing and interesting species, known as the most mysterious fish of the marine life!
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