Sunday, January 13, 2013

Shark observer speciality @ Phantom Divers

At Phantom Divers while diving with sharks, you can also get PADI´s specialty certification of shark observer. With this certification you will help sharks by automatically donating to the foundation Saving Our Sharks focused on conservation of bull sharks in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

The purpose of becoming a shark observer is to become more knowledge about different shark species and help to preserve them.

The goals of PADI´s shark observer speciality certification are:

A. learn more about shark species, their characteristics and habits.

B. be able to do a safe dive with sharks.

C. identify potential risks and how to prevent them.

D. Create awareness for the protection of different shark species.

For Phantom Divers and PADI it is very important that at the end of the course you become a diver able to recognize different traits and habits of sharks, specifically the species that you will be diving with (Bull Shark). Also your general knowledge about this species will become much more specific, you will get tons of information from shark experts such as shark senses, and the importance of sharks in the marine ecosystem.

Finally, you will be analyzing why and where most of accidents occur, plus how to prevent them.

In addition, this certification will also address the proper equipment required while diving with sharks, what is an appropriate behavior, when shark´s are nervous, and  what to do in case of an accident or proximity. However, the most important aspect of the specialty is preservation of the species.

This last issue is very important for us at Phantom Divers because we want all of our divers to be aware of the importance of sharks. We want to create admiration and respect in our society towards creating a change in Playa del Carmen and the world. In order to achieve our goal we need people to be informed and interested in taking care and action for our oceans and life that inhabits them.
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