Monday, August 5, 2013


The Bull Shark season will start soon: from November to March a lot of bull sharks will migrate to Playa del Carmen reefs, where we offer to take you diving and have the most amazing experience by swimming with them or assist to the very exotic activity of shark-feeding. But let us explain you why we support this type of activity.
The shark species is the apex of the food chain, as it is main predator of the reef ecosystem.
Nevertheless, 90% of the shark population in the world has been destroyed by human activities such as shark finning, bycatch, sea pollution and intensive fishing: each year 100.000.000 sharks are killed all over the world, most of them being young breeding, newborns and pregnant females (FAO).
Mexico is the seventh largest shark producer worldwide, and is characterized by the overexploitation of several species of sharks.
That is why Phantom Divers supports the association Saving Our Sharks, that aims to create a shark sanctuary in the state of Q. Roo.
The Bull Shark diving in Playa del Carmen is sustainable and NOT extractive tourist activity; on top of generating greater economic resources than fishing, it raises awareness of the importance of shark conservation. That is why, by diving with Phantom Divers, you will contribute to the research, training, education and environmental interpretation, as part of the revenue will be directed to Saving Our Sharks.

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