Monday, October 19, 2015

Peak Performance Buoyancy


Why to improve it?

Improving your skills in buoyancy isn't simply a convenience for divers, but also brings significant practical benefits that make diving more fun.

Wen you take a PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course; you'll find six reasons for fine-tuning your bouyancy skills.

1. You dive with less effort. You are in control, you swim, descend, ascend and make safety stops with reduced energy expenditure. You're more relaxed and the dive is more fun.

2. You dive longer becouse you reduce gas consumption. The less energy you expend, the less hard you breathe. By diving more effortlessly, your cylinder lasts longer so you get to dive longer.

3. You have more positive interactions with aquatic life. Divers who control their bouyancy well move in a calm, precise and fluid manner, just like natural aquatic animals. You fit in better and get closer to aquatic animals without disturbing them.

4. You better preserve fragile underwater environments. When you say off the bottom and avoid unintentionally kicking or brushing against sensitive organisms, you pass through with minimal effect, and preserve the underwater worlsçd for future visits and other divers.

5. You preserve the visibility. Divers with poor buoyancy control kick up the bottom and reduce the visibility - in some dice environments, the primary cause of poor visibility is kicking up silt. By mastering peak performance buoyancy, you avoid this problem.

6. You prolong the life of your dive equipment. Divers who control their buoyancy are way easier on their gear. You avoid scrapes, tears and punctures that result from dragging gear across the bottom. You don't have as much weight, so you're not as hard on knees and elbows during entries and exists.

If you are interested on getting your PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course and becoming a better diver; contact us!

Info via PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy manual.

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