Sunday, August 13, 2017

Tips to plan your diving vacations

Adventure is our middle name…..only because SAFETY is our first.

Scuba diving is one of the most mesmerizing experiences on this earth.  As divers we love to explore the depths of the ocean and allow nature to surprise us every time, but we also know that planning in advance plays a very important part in having a better and safer experience. This can be the key to any successful scuba diving trip.
These are a few essentials we recommend you to consider when planning a scuba diving trip.

DO SOME RESEARCH. Look up activities to do at your vacation site and book in advance to save time at your arrival. Remember to book in advance so you don´t risk missing a spot on the daily dives during high season. 

Here are a variety of trips you can book with us.
All year round:
Diving in cenotes, reefs in Playa del Carmen and Cozumel, MUSA in Cancun (Underwater Museum), ship wrecks.
Special seasons:
Diving with Bull Sharks (November-March)
Snorkeling with Whale Sharks (June-September) and Sailfish (January-March)

FIND OUT ABOUT THE LOCAL MARINE LIFE. Study your marine life, this way you will identify  the animals and corals you will see and make the experience even more exciting by putting together your own marine life-sighting booklet. We can provide you with a previously elaborated booklet to mark off all the species you see during your dives. It´s greatly recommended that you find out about possible poisonous corals and animals in the area to avoid them. Remember, diving has the same rules as a museum- do not touch!

CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST. The weather is fairly unpredictable as is the rest of nature, but finding out when are the best seasons to visit a site can save you on surprises and allow your trip to be more enjoyable.

CHECK IN WITH YOUR DOCTOR. Diving can be dangerous if you have certain medical problems. If you’re considering the sport, ask your doctor how diving may affect your health. Yearly checkups are greatly recommended. Remember to book your dives at least 12hrs previous to your flights. 

CHECK YOUR GEAR. If you don´t have equipment or will only bring a few essentials, we have full equipment rental and ready for your use. If you are going elsewhere to dive, be assured that the gear is in good conditions and the maintenance check is up to date.
BOOK ACCORDING TO YOUR SKILLS. As we said before, scuba diving is one of the most mesmerizing experiences on this earth, and to have fun it´s always good to take your safety precautions, even if you are a certified diver. If you haven´t dove in a while it would probably suit you more to do a couple of practice dives before heading out for the bigger ones. Ask the diving team about the sites they will take you: their conditions, difficulty, and visibility.

If you´re an experienced diver you can widen your certifications with our different specialties. If you´re not certified, scuba diving is also for you! You may take our Open Water Diver or Advanced Open Water courses to get world wide recognized certifications and continue your diving adventures anywhere, anytime. If you are not looking to get certified and would only like to live the experience, with our Discovery Scuba Diving course you´ll be cruising the ocean floors in a day´s time. The course includes all your gear, a 30 min class where you will learn the diving basics and do the necessary exercises before heading out to the crystal clear waters to fully enjoy this experience. Your instructor will be with you at all times. 

So plan your vacation and always remember the most important thing- DIVE FUN, DIVE SAFE, DIVE PHANTOM.

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