Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What is Right and What is Wrong? Concerning the Lion Fish in PDC's Reefs......


Phantom Diver’s point of view concerning the Lion Fish is really different from what people might think. We do not want to kill him, but we want to show to the other fish species that they can eat it, because right now, they don’t know this new organism in that arrive in their natural environment.

We do perfectly know that the Man is never going to be able to eradicate this fish from the Caribbean Ocean it invaded, but we can help to its integration in this and make him part of the food chain in order to lessen the problem we have here with him killing other fish species. We believe that the possible way to control this plague.

This is why we need to act now before it’s too late. During the last weeks we have been trying out a few experiments with different techniques in order to eradicate this specie.
Our instructors are still working on the Lion Fish Capture Project, but now, instead of taking them out of the water we do 2 things; first one, we leave the dead body of the Lion Fish at the bottom of the Ocean, so that when other Lion Fishes see the dead body they get scared and feel the need to migrate to another place.

Second one, which has shown very positive results, is “alimentation”, we kill the Lion Fish and give it as food to moray eels.
Of course, we are aware that this might not be the best thing to do but we are showing than it can also have natural predators in this area.

So probably, and we hope in a near future, the same moray eels are going to hunt the Lion Fishes and help us to control the invasion of this specie in our beloved Caribbean Ocean.

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