Monday, June 14, 2010

Experience: Snorkel with Whale Sharks!

The arrival of the Whale Sharks, each year, is bringing us a lot of joy and excitement. These long and gorgeous looking species measure up to 16m and can weight 12 tons. The whale shark is the biggest fish that lives in our Ocean; we can find it in quality tropical-waters.

The first sighting is approximately in May when we see a whale shark swimming on its own, and from this moment on other animals arrive and form into a large group. This frenetic and thrilling event lasts until September.

During this special day, you’ll have the opportunity to swim in the Caribbean Ocean water, approximately 27 degrees Celsius warm and snorkel with whale sharks. This is going to result as long lasting memories! The tour takes place on a comfortable boat that can transport up to 10 clients. Throughout your trip, we offer water, refreshments, fruits and granola bars; at the end of the snorkeling tour you can enjoy a nice typical Mexican meal (we have also offer options for vegetarians!).

In order to make the most out to this trip we meet at 6.45 am in Cancun, for a small welcoming breakfast with the staff, where we get to know each other. Then, we leave at 7a.m and head to the Island of Contoy, located in the North of Cancun.

The journey is approximately 1h30min. During this time, the instructors explain to us what we are about to see, the precautions we need to take when entering the water and the whole history concerning the migration of whale sharks to Mexico.

Not only will you see whale sharks, but also dolphins, turtles or manta rays. This journey really is an incredible moment to connect with marine life and see how these aquatic species behave in their natural habitat.

Once we arrive on the spot where the whale sharks are, we start to get ready to snorkel with them! The guide then enters the water with 2 people at a time and the rest of the clients wait their turn on the boat.

To ensure the safety of the animal’s Mexican law prohibits more than 5 boats on any animal at any time. As well to protect the environment in this marine park all sunscreen must be biodegradable.

We come back in Cancun at around 2.30pm after a unique and amazing adventure. We are sure that you will be inspired by this truly unique experience swimming with one of the least understood and beautiful creatures in the Ocean. In no other place do Whale Sharks congregate in large groups and in no other place can you snorkel with them. Rest assured, our guides are extremely well prepared and you can be ensured that this journey is going to be very safe and filled up with tons of memories.

A journey you’re never going to forget…

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