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Written by Laura Torres.
Staff member of Phantom Divers, Mayan Riviera, Mexico.

*This photograph was taken in the 2009-2010 shark season by Doug Perrine. Doug is a professional photagrapher who has worked on several ocasions with National Geographic.

Recently, many paths have been opened in the support of the protection of sharks. Growing non-governmental associations, international organizations and civil groups concerned about the rapid changes that the world presents today and they have raised their voices and promoted: Create a better future together with a common goal in which we all participate with the best attitude to resolve the problem and create social agreements.

This story began many years ago when the first sightings of bull sharks have appeared in the Mexican Caribbean, specifically in Playa del Camen.

We must talk about the one person who had the iniciative and the vision of a great future with the background that came about through a passion for the sea and to the species that belong to it.

Jorge "El Chino" Loria, as an ocean lover and to all the species within, he implemented a new form of interaction with the Bull Sharks of Playa del Carmen.

The recent boom of this dive moved many interests and made many eyes focus in only one direction. Many shark lovers have gathered this season to see them with their own eyes. The first ones of the season were seen at the end of October, a group made up of 4 to 8 bulls, the same ones that have been interacted with from years back.

**This image shows the first article published on November 12th, 2010, in the local news paper "Por esto!", to read more about this article on line go to:


News came out that a group of sharks were caught by local fishermen from a close by town called Puerto Morelos. An amount that has not been fully clarified do to the fact that it has been altered by the media shows that the sharks in question were pregnant females. In this case two very important facts are stated: every year from November to March the sharks come to the shores to an area on to the side to give birth to their pups, and the other one we know is that sharks take an average of 10 to 15 years to reach sexual maturity, which implies that for future generations there will be more than a decade of risk for the preservation of their species, taking into account the natural dangers of the ocean, scarce food and the overexploitation of the resources.

Those who are most involved in this issue know the vital importance of maintaining the existence of sharks in our seas.

At first sight a shark might seem agressive and dangerous, but the truth is that experts who have had the opportunity to study them observe that they are one of the predators with the highest level of intelligence and strength, and that is why they are placed on the top of the food chain which makes them a key part of evolution.

In these photos: 1. -A bull shark in Playa del Carmen, this photo was taken in the 2009-2010 season. 2.- Jorge "El Chino" Loria practicing the feeding dive. 3.- Group of divers observing and interacting with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen.


Months before, a group created by Jorge Loria, Alberto Friscione, Rodrigo Friscione, Jose Maria Lopez, Russ Hennessey, Carlos Estrabeau among others proposed the creation of an organization that is in favor of life and protection of sharks.

This year the plan is to put tracking devices to discover the paths that this magnificent species take, for instance, where do these animals give birth?

These satellite devices have a very high cost, so through this Civil Association A.C. we aim to bring together resources for research to primarily understand this creature that has been feared because of our lack of knowledge.

Fear makes everything confusing, but true knowledge builds an awareness at a personal level that surpasses the rest, because in this world we are not alone.

**To learn more about this asociation go to: SAVING OUR SHARKS.


We must act now and work hard, we must take action at a personal level. The world is changing faster and faster, and just like the cities, new ones grow but keep the same bad habits. What we must do today is face the facts and start working on a personal change because this way, one will start to care for others and feel comfortable with everything around us and hence the daily interpersonal dynamics become more effective.

Currently there are TWO petition letters in which signatures were collected, the first one will be directed to the CONANP (La Secretaria de Pesca), led by our friends from the "BLUE HEART SOCIETY" and the purpose is to show the economic losses considering that scuba diving with sharks has become very popular in a short period of time thanks to the initiator.

On the other hand we are seeking a reunion with the other dive shops within the next few days to collect more signatures to present a bill to SAGARPA (Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing and Alimentation).

This letter is VERY important because of all of the work that has been put into it up until this day and everything involved.

Union will be key to adress this issue and carrie it to a very unique and simple objective: The conservation of one of the most important marine species for evolution.

"Who does not evolve, simply stays where it is"

Let's take care of this world we live in, remember that we will pass away leaving the world the way it is for the enjoyment or not of our future generations.

Contact us at:

"For the sharks"

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