Thursday, December 9, 2010


Written by Laura Torres

Staff member of Phantom Divers.


"There are two worlds...the one we know and the other below."

Eli Martinez. Director for "Shark Diver Magazine"

In the world we live in we see with concern a solid future for the sharks species, in the world below sharks live in constant threat of the destruction of their species. What we must do now is take lead and guide those who care to achieve our common goal. We must GET TOGETHER, by joining forces, the conservation of these marine species. This involves a lot of effort: to get up everyday and wanting to be a better human being in this world and in the one down below. Who has been immersed underwater could understand why it is vital to take action, determination will be needed and to say "I want to contribute and make a difference" will be necessary. Maintain consistency in our discussions with our actions. We must say and do things in the best way possible. It requires being open to new information because you must remember that we love what we know.

Thank you to all of the dive centers of Playa del Carmen who attended the first meeting that was held on Tuesday, November 23rd of this year, the few who responded to the call and showed interest in this matter that concerns us all: SCUBA PLAYA, ABYSS, GEOFISH, CARLOS QUINTANAR, SCUBA 10, REEF QUEST, CLUB NAUTICO TARRAYA, TANK-HA, JORGE SUAREZ SERRADOR, PLAYA DIVE CENTER Y PHANTOM DIVERS.

** These are just some of the images taken by Carlos Estrabeau were we can see the few people who assisted the first meeting held on the 23rd of November.


The rating went up just a little.

Little inflow led to a second convocation and so a second meeting of dive shops came about, in which we saw the sum of more participants.

I should point out several topics, the purpose is the conservation of the species that we are finishing: it is to make awareness, culture and education of both worlds, try to understand that the world isn´t alien to us, that EVERYTHING HAS IT´S CAUSE AND EFFECT", Isaac Newton said "for every action a reaction".

Take a moment to consider that it would be very sad if there was nothing left to do, the time is now. The underwater world is another completely different habitat and yet our earth is composed of 3/4 parts of water. How is it possible not to know about this other world?

Those who are not interested in respecting the world we live in are attempting against their own kind condemning it to a dark ending.

This PICTURE was taken by Paul Spielvogel during the 2008-2009 shark season.


Once again we thank those who not only come over and ask how the situation is going, but are looking towards the horizon and walking to get there. But most of all we give special thanks to all those who did not attend, do not show their interest, and they are always the first to create problems, because of them we get stronger, they don´t believe but we are going to show them that we can make a difference. Come on divers, dive into your ocean of consciousness.

The dive centers that assisted the meeting with us are:

SCUBA S.COOL – Héctor Solórzano

DIVE MEXICO – Manuel Acuña

YUCATEK DIVERS – Jean Yves Moret

SCUBA 10 – Irene y Gerardo Rodríguez

DIVE BALAM – Aurora Forteza

DIVExplorers – Candy López

REEF QUEST DIVERS – Steve Flanigan


ABYSS DIVE CENTER – David Tomlinson

TANK-HÁ DIVE CENTER – Marce Brand y Pancho Chan

DIVE MIKE – Jorge Suárez

BUCEO CYAN-HÁ – Carlos Quintanar

PHANTOM DIVERS Jorge Loria and Ramón

Alfonso Torres, general director of APSA (Association of providers of aquatic Services) of the Maya Riviera

We leave you with a summary of the major points that were discussed during the last meeting that was held on Wednesday, December 1st, 2010; and we also like to thank Alfonso Torres who runs APSA (Association of Providers of Aquatic Services) for all of his support and his hard work put into this project.


1. Recent events.

2. Importance for the dive shops.

3. Shark feeding.

4. Accidents.

5. Regulations.

6. Charges and prices.

7. Studies and protection.

IN THIS VIDEO: Jorge Loria, General Director of Phantom Divers.

Footage by Ramón Magaña and edition by Carlos Estrabeau (Phantom Divers´Staff).

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