Friday, February 11, 2011

Hug our project "Saving Our Sharks" in Playa del Carmen

Photo credit: Shane Gross, he is a professional photographer from Canada who joined us during the shark season 2010.

Written by Laura Torres
Staff member of Phantom Divers

To make a big difference we must come together and join forces towards a positive result for everyone.
If you want to help you have to put your mind in tune with the objective.
As a dive Shop, established in 1983, we want to promote the conservation of endangered marine species.
we feel we have a compromise with the planet because we have really experienced the wonders it has offered us on a day to day basis in the Mexican Caribbean.
The bull shark, a species that is on top of the marine ecosystem, lately has suffered several "falls" which have caused uncertainty in the role that humankind plays as a risk factor for the ecosystem and its species.

This is why we invite all lovers to heart to join the S.O.S. project (for its initials in english: "Saving Our Sharks").
This non-governmental organization is working on several projects that you can consult directly in:

We must do something NOW, help us spread the word!

Pictures cortesy of Shane Gross from the 2010 Bull Shark season, Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

More the voices, more the forces, for all of those who want to make a difference lets get together!

VIDEO POSTCARD FOR PHANTOM DIVERS : Its a Kinda Magic from Agent M on Vimeo

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