Saturday, May 19, 2012

Diver? Yogi? Lifestyles in Playa del Carmen.

The adventure starts here!
Text written by Laura Torres

There has been spoken lately about the connection between diving and yoga since the two activities converge on two factors: the breathing and the constancy of the practice.
The main rule of diving is to never stop breathing, the same as in yoga where the control of breathing is of big importance to reach the main goal.  

The positions you realize while exercising yoga exert a big influence on divers. 
Recent investigations have shown that there are favorable results in many aspects for divers who exercise this activity. 

As it is well known you can reach physical and mental strength through yoga.
On the other hand divers are different from people who do not dive since they have perceived and experienced a life that is completely different from the terrestrial life and that's what amplifies their vision. Amplifying the vision is what happens also to people practising yoga and starting to go a way that is hard but full of information: a way to themselves. 

When all this gets together you can experience a miracle. 
It is a miracle to see the ocean every day with all it's gifts, 
to feel the breeze and have the feeling that everything is alright, that life is a gift we can enjoy. 

Let us show you the Mexican Caribbean! 
One of the most beautiful seas of Mexico. 

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