Tuesday, May 15, 2012

PLAYA DEL CARMEN: Where abundance can be found above and under the water

The Mexican Caribbean attracts people from all over the world thanks to its characteristics above as well as under the water. 
Some of the world's most famous dive spots are located in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. 
There is a huge diversity of marine life, the water temperature reaches up to 84 degrees fahrenheit and the visibility can exceed 100 feet. 
The lively colors of the corals and sponges offer a perfect panorama to fulfill the wishes of the most demanding divers. 

Pictures taken on the reefs of Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Banded cleaner shrimp


 Yellowhead jawfish
Come and get to know the Mexican Caribbean with PHANTOM DIVERS, Riviera Maya, México.
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Spotfin butterflyfish

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