Saturday, September 22, 2012

BIOLUMINESCENCE at nigth dives!!!

Bioluminescence is the ability of some organisms to produce light. Bioluminescence is a chemical reaction which requires the interaction of two  proteins: luciferin and luciferase. These proteins react together in the presence of oxygen, and cause a cold light as the reaction.
The ligth produced is very intense and is concentrated in a small area of the animal.The ligth can be seen from green to blue, which is the most frequent, or sometimes can also be seen in red and amber.


US Geological Service

NOAA Ocean Explorer Gallery

Noctiluca miliaris is a unicellular organism which causes most phosphorescence phenomena in the sea, it is the bacteria responsable for the ligth produced  when shaking the hands at nogth under the sea. This is a wonderful experience 100%  recommended if you are interested you have to come to Playa del Carmen, Mexico and try out of night dives which we offer on a daily basis here at Phantom Divers.

There are three  main types of bioluminescence:

  • The intracelular which is generated by specialized cells of the body of some species and whose light is emitted through the skin.
  • The extracellular occurs from the reaction between luciferin and luciferase outside the body.
  • The luminous bacteria simbiosis occurs in several parts of the body where animals have  have photophores and keep the luminescent bacteria. Some species produce continuous light whose intensity can be regulated through the nervous system.

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