Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sea turtles while diving in Playa del Carmen

While diving in Playa del Carmen one of the most popular marine species for our divers is the sea turtles . Phantom divers find turtles every day here in Playa del Carmen, and the best thing is that they are not afraid of the camera. Sea turtles are reptiles, and need to go outside to the surface in order to breathe.They are animals that can live a great number of years, (it is estimated that about 100). 

Amongst the sea turtles that can be found snorkeling or diving on the reefs of Playa del Carmen is the hawksbill turtle, green turtle and loggerhead turtles. 


• Hawksbill Turtle: the turtles are smaller, characterized by its nose like that of a hawk's beak. This turtle can reach up to 90 cm long. 

• Green Turtle, have a shell with an oval-shape, and can measure up to 1.20 m. The name of 'green' is not due to the color of its shell, rather the green color of its meat 

• Loggerhead turtles: ls characterized by its large head and the heart-shaped shell. They can measure up to 115 cm. 

Sea turtles are very threatened animals, both in its natural environment, the sea, and the terrestrial environment. When they exit to spawn, is where they are the most vulnerable. The percentage of babies who survive is very low (1 or 2 of every 1000 is estimated). Currently, the plundering of nests and the tourist development are causing more difficulties for the turtles.

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