Friday, October 5, 2012

Amazing Jellyfish!

While diving in Playa del Carmen you can always fin jellyfish. Jellyfish are invertebrate animals and belong to the phylum Cnidaria. Their body is almost transparent and are formed by 95% water! The three main parts of a jellyfish are :the umbrela that takes the form of  a duomo, the oral arms which are structures that surround the mouth and finally the tentacles; which surround the umbrela. The jellyfish moves by  rythmically contracting its entire body that absorbs water, which is inserted in its gastrovascular cavity and ejected, using it as a propellant.

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Within their sensory organs amongst the more characteristic ones is found the estatosistos which informs the jellyfish of its body positioning , and the fotoreceptoras cells located at the base of the tentacles; which trespond to stimuli mechanical or quimcal stimuli

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Its defensive system which has allowed the jellyfish to live at least 6000 million years is composed by the nematocysts which are located within capsules that are filled with toxins;  immersed in the liquid, there is a hollow filament enrolled into a spiral; which if physically or chemically  stimulated it develops in its interior a large pressurized force that projecting its filament and crosses or wraps its prey with an additional burden of venom which can cause paralisis or death.

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