Sunday, February 23, 2014

What´s going on in Australia?

After the death of a surfer from a shark attack in November 2013 , the government of Western Australia has created and approved a plan to prevent such accidents and make local beaches safer for summer vacationers.
The plan is to reduce the population of white and tiger shark, capturing and killing those that measure more than 3 meters and delve into two defined areas near the beach of Perth.
This measure has outraged thousands of people who have spoken out against the authorities, because despite the lack of scientific evidence that killing sharks will reduce the risk of attacks on swimmers, has been given the green light to licensed fishermen to carry out the plan which will last until April 30 of this year.

How can you help prevent the slaughter of sharks?

Access to sign the petition against this plan, make a donation to fund the pressure to Australian government or join the mailing list to receive updates on this campaign.

The deadliest weapon is the indifference, take action!

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