Monday, March 10, 2014

Face-off in Antarctica

Sometimes it can be very surprising when wild animals, that we think are deadly predators, act in a caring, kind way with us, humans, who mostly are the principal reason of the suffering or even the extinction of several species. This happens with sharks, we kill several sharks due for fun or commerce and mostly because we think they simple presence is a danger, when actually, the only attacks reported by sharks have been by confusion or human threatening.

The National Geographic photographer, Paul Nicklen, went to Antarctica to photograph one of the top predators in the world, the leopard seal. And what happened next, can simply amaze anyone. Once he was face to face with this vicious predator and terrified by it, the animal dropped the penguin it had in the mouth, came closer to Paul and opened her mouth right away to his head and camera and took them "Her head is twice as wide as a grizzly bear's head. Just huge". Then she got a live penguin and started trying to feed him with it, when the penguin got away, she would do the same thing over and over again. Paul said she might notice in that moment that he was this useless and weak predator that can starve to dead and became quit panicked. So the seal started bringing him weak penguins and partially dead penguins pushing them into his camera, maybe thinking that it was his mouth. At some point she started bringing him some parts of the little animals. The next three days he went by to photograph her she acted the same way, feeding him so he didn't starve.

"So, here I came to Antarctica, to photograph this potentially vicious animal, to have this predator, this top predator in Antarctica, take care of me, and nature me, and feed me for four days straight.

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