Saturday, May 17, 2014

Here and now! Whale Sharks have arrived!

Finally it´s again that time of the year when the majestic Whale Sharks return to the warm waters of the Mexican Caribbean . Despite their huge size of 50 ft length and 20 tons of weight, they come searching for their tiny but substantial food, plankton. Some people describe them as "20 tons of peace", a wise and wonderful adjective for the largest and most docile animal in the ocean.
Whale Sharks do not travel alone, thousands of tourists from around the world come together with their arrival in order to snorkel with them, admire their slow and graceful movements and peculiar skin of spots and stripes.
Don´t miss the opportunity to live this experience , you do not need to be an expert swimmer neither be a lover of extreme sports, is a simple but fascinating adventure! You just need snorkel equipment and Phantom Divers!

See you soon!

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