Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mama Viña Ship Wreck

Mama Viña Ship Wreck

Playa del Carmen

This former ship boat was sunk in 1995 for divers. Since then, the coral growth has proceed rapidly on this artificial reef. With a maximum depth of 30 m. (100 ft) and the possibility of strong currents, this dive is for the experienced diver.

Jump into water south of the wreck and maintain a depth of 110 m. (30 ft) untill you see the bow of the wreck, which is easily seen from a distance. Once close, descend to the bottom and drift along the side of the wreck until you reach the stern where you will find the propeller.  

From here it is recommended to move up into the lowe deck and explore the inside rooms. To your right hand side there is an air pocket where you can ascend but dont remove your regulator. Afterwards move to the top leve, lean on the ceiling, and enjoy the schools of fish.

When it is time to ascend simply let yourself go with the current including your safety stop.

Location: South Barracuda Reef in front of Xcaret Park.
Conditions: Midle to strong current.
Min. depth: 18 m. / 60 ft.
Max. depth: 30 m. / 90 ft.
Avr. visibility: 21 m. / 70 ft.

If you want to scuba dive into the Mama Viña Wreck; just get in contact with us!

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