Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Night Dives

Night Diving

Like a brush on black canvas, your light sweeps across the night reef, igniting a vibrant spectrum that somehow eludes you by day.

If you are like most of thr divers, you'll find night diving mysterious, yet alluring. Familiar dive sites take on a new adventure. Even the flora and fauna differ as underwater life switches to nocturnal behaviors, and as nocturnal creatures emerge.

Why dive at night?

The first ir natural curiosity. To many divers, a night dive spells adventure and a chance to explore the unknown. They hope to discover things they wouldn't during the day.

Aquatic life provides a second reason for night diving. At sunset, animals active during the day retire, and night creatures emerge. Lobster, crabs, mantas and octopus enjoy the darkness while feeding.

Other reason is that many divers enjoy the vibrant colors that characterize a night dive. Water absorbs color from light passing through it. First red, then orange followed by yellow and green a good bit deeper.

Finally, you'll encounter many people who night dive becouse it gives them more chances to dive. Likewise, on a dive trip, night diving means one more dive bofore bedtime.

And now...

If you are interested on diving; don't hesitate on getting in contact with us to know the options for nigh diving, certifications and specializations. 

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