Thursday, May 20, 2010

Visit "La Casa de las Mariposas"!

You wish for the whole family or friends you’re on holidays with to have a good time, even though you won’t spend your day all together because you’re going scuba diving and you don’t want to leave your beloved with nothing to do…

We’ve got a super option to offer to you! While you go diving, we invite the rest of your crew to go and spend some time in “La Casa de las Mariposas”… “House of the Butterflies”!

This is a gorgeous place to enjoy nature with two different areas.

The first one being an open garden where butterflies have been attracted in a totally natural way and where you can find more than 500 species living in this zone such as the Blue Morpho, depending on the season when you are going.

The second one being a more controlled area, a greenhouse where more than 10 different native species live.
During the tour, you get to enjoy a lot of exotic plants and orchids and also learn to identify medicinal Mayan plants.

The aim of this site is to protect the natural environment of Yucatan, and of course, of the whole planet, while spending a great time with friends or family in a natural environmentally friendly place surrounded by tons of exotic and gorgeous animals species and plants.

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