Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lion Fish Collect, Project in Playa del Carmen!

As you might have already heard before, lion fishes are getting more and more populated in a few areas of the world where should not even exist.The Lionfish, whose average length is close to 1 foot (0.3 meters), is also known as Turkey Fish, Dragon Fish or Scorpion Fish and originally comes from the Indo-Pacific oceanic region.

Nevertheless, since approximately one year, they have been spotted in the warmer coral regions of the eastern Atlantic Ocean. More precisely in the whole Yucatan Peninsula, coming straight from Florida towards Mexico, while making a few stops in the Bahamas where they are causing a lot of troubles to the marine life.

These little creatures can become dangerous if a human being touches them because they have venomous dorsal spikes, but extremely rarely fatal to the human body, even though the pain can get really intense and sometimes followed by vomiting, headaches and breathing difficulties.

Not only can Lionfishes be dangerous for human beings, but also to the marine life because they eat a lot of aquatic plants, such as corals, and only have very few predators. Therefore, they are destructing the natural biosphere and disturbing it a lot, because the native fishes don’t know how to react to these new animals that aren’t part of their natural environment.

In order to protect the precious Mayan Coral Reef, Phantom Divers’ instructors work in pair with other associations and capture them, so that the ecosystem doesn’t get affected by Lionfishes, and everything remains normal, plus the coral reef stays as gorgeous as it is.

Furthermore, a few days ago our instructors Ramón Magaña, Rubén González y Carlos Estrabeau received a diploma to thank them for helping the national government to stop the spreading of the Lion Fish.

Therefore, we would like to specially thank our qualified instructors without whom it would have never been possible to accomplish this hard work.

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