Monday, May 24, 2010

Special Thanks for Aquadivers Argentina for visiting us!

We would like to write a special thank you note for our dear friends from Argentina who started diving on this Wednesday 19th until Sunday 23rd, and especially to Gonzalo Viamonte who was our contact there and helped us organize this whole trip!

Not only did we enjoy four different dives in Playa del Carmen, where we saw turtles, tarpons and barracudas, but also in Cozumel, for four different dives too, where we got to admire the breathtaking coral reef as well as the huge coral walls and amazing caves in Palancar Gardens.

We also went cavern diving in our extremely beautiful Cenotes! We did 2 thrilling dives with torches in order to discover some thousands years old stalactites and stalagmites, where salt water and fresh water mix… letting us to admire the halocline effect.
Some lucky few also went for an adventurous night dive in Playa, to close this great experience!

All of Phantom Divers’ staff had a really great time diving with all of you in Playa del Carmen and is looking forward to seeing you again very soon for funny dives with outgoing but also very professional instructors!

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